©2017 Lacey J Hill, Golden Thyme Designs

To add a bit of flair to a solid panel on a skirt, add a fabric applique, ruffled lace, trim or Venetian Lace.  On the pink & black skirt at right, I added rows of lace to 1 panel of the skirt.  See the gallery for more pictures of this style.  

In the bottom left corner is a picture of my mother’s metallic silk screened square dance skirt from the 1960’s.  I still wear it today.

This is my favorite style of skirt.  I love the look of spiral skirts as we spin but working with that many bias edges can really test my patience.  

On each of the 8 panels, I stitch an arc of ruched trim or lace on the panel before I assemble the skirt.  I also add a satin trim on top of the ruching to add extra color.  Simple and easy with a really wonderful effect!

Spiral Skirt