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I cringe ever time I hear someone say they threw their jacket or skirt into the washer & dyer.  Please hand wash and drip dry your dance outfits.   A lot of time and/or money has been spent on creating them and the washer & dryer can fade & wilt your garments.  If you need to remove wrinkles or fluff a flat item, throw a damp wash cloth in the dry with the item for 10-20 minutes on low heat.

Many times I will find a trim for my jackets or skirts that is not washable.  If you are unsure of the content of the fabric, lace or trim, I suggest sending the item to the Dry Cleaner for a “spa treatment” or spot wash by hand.

To wash petticoats I gently agitate in warm water, with a couple drops of Dawn dish soap and let them air dry.  Then I toss them in the dryer on air only for 10-15 minutes to fluff.

When I travel, I always pack an empty spray bottle.  I fill it with warm water and mist my skirts & blouse as I unpack.  Hang your garment and it will be ready to wear quickly.

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